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2019 Favorites

I'm coming back from a wonderful break with family and feeling so refreshed. I wanted to put up my favorite images from 2019, and I found I'm looking at everything with fresh eyes which is amazing. (Crazy what a little time away will do.) I also realized a few things. I photographed way more sessions than I realized, I have way too many favorites, and I have a special place in my heart for ALL of these people. My favorite images are the ones where people are laughing. That makes my heart so happy. I also think I'm slowly improving! Which I hope to continue in the new decade.

I'm still working on my 2020 goals, but I think it will honestly be a slower year with all the changes going on in my life. But I am hoping to put more in behind the scenes and really improve my service. So with that said, 2020 brides, I'm ready for you! <3 Enjoy 2019 favorites!

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