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Southerlyn Farms | Daniel & Tancey Belken | near Charleston, South Carolina

I think this sweet day could be summed up in what Tancey said in her vows to Daniel.

"I knew you were the one for me when one day, I told you I was cold and asked if you could bring me your sweatshirt. You brought me one, but as soon as I reached for it you said, 'No-no that's mine. Here- I warmed yours up for you."

After Tancey and Daniel's wedding was rescheduled in May, they reached out to me to photograph them in August. It was such an honor to photograph them-and I truly mean that. They are both so kind and sweet, and they love the country, which makes my heart so happy. Their wedding was thrown more than one curveball, but their celebration was so joyous. Congratulations you guys! Here are my absolute favorites. <3

Gorgeous Venue: Southerlyn Farms

Wedding Coordinator: Sparkles Event Decor and Design Dress: Jeans Bridal

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