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Kevan & Lizzy Turk

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

It's the little things that are important. No, I'm not talking about napkins, cake, shoes or location. I'm talking about the special necklace he gives to you on your wedding day or the quiet moment where you reflect right before you walk down the aisle . It's the precious memories that you make with the people that you love that become the precious little things. On Lizzy's day, this ice storm required a change of location, time, and everything else. Even some of the photos had to be taken on a different day. Everything that you think would be important, actually wasn't. The marriage and the covenant Lizzy made to Kevan was the only thing that mattered. So enjoy these images from such a special day filled with little things. Congratulations to Kevan and Lizzy Turk. :)

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