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Seth & Caroline Sanders

So excited to finally show you this mountain wedding! Caroline and her family have always lived in the mountains, and so it was her dream to have her wedding there as well! Pretty Place and Table Rock Lodge are the most beautiful venues, and I couldn't have imagined anything more lovely. At the reception, Caroline's dad told some of their love story. Seth is someone who has a determination beyond most (he's in law school if that tells ya anything,) and he knew he was going to marry Caroline a week after they began dating! Apparently, that scared Caroline so that she tried to avoid Seth on their small university campus, planning strategically how she would get to class. But one day she saw Seth in a play and she knew she loved him! That was it. It's so crazy how God plans our love stories sometimes! So honored to have captured their wedding! Enjoy some photos of this BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL day.

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