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Statesville, North Carolina | Damascus Baptist Church | Wedding of Cindy and Ty Sanford

What do I say about this day?!? This wedding is SO special because I am close to both bride AND groom! Cindy is my sweet cousin and watching her get married gives me all the feels! I grew up going to the same church as Ty, and so I know both of them and their families!

One time when Cindy and I were playing as a kid, I threw sand in Cindy's eyes (accidentally of course) but it definitely is one of our crazy memories in my mind! Unfortunately this came full circle when I accidentally (I promise!) hit Cindy-THE BRIDE- in the face with a wet umbrella while we were taking pictures! (Don't worry future brides- I have learned my lesson!) But despite all that, Cindy and I are still the greatest friends. She is the sweetest person, and Ty is the perfect person for her. Their whole day was centered around Jesus, and that's something that I absolutely love. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Sanford! Enjoy pictures from their day!

Also thank you to Ashley Baity Photography for helping me!

Reception Venue: Breezy Meadows Farm

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