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Tori and Stew | Intimate Wedding | Blackstock, SC

Tori was such a beautiful bride. Tori and I have been friends for years, and I have never seen her as happy as she was when she married Christopher Stewart. And that's the truth. Weddings days are never perfect. Blizzards come, flat tires happen, (I've seen both-haha) or a virus dismantles the plans you've had for a year. But you know what? THIS DAY was perfect. Tori handled all the changes that came her way with such grace, and her gathering with a small group of friends and family was so intimate and special. Everything was so relaxed and close knit. To be honest, I think everyone should do it this way. I was SO honored to be a part of this day. And the best part? We still get to celebrate with them again on October 3rd. And I CAN'T WAIT. #LetsStewItAgain

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