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Tori & Christopher

I love watching friends grow into the person they were meant to be. Tori and I went to high school together, and to be honest, we've always been very similar. I LOVED seeing Tori again and I loved taking pictures of her and Christopher (or "Stew!") They are working on the cutest house together and it just seems like she's right at home. She's where she's meant to be with who she's meant to be with. And that's wonderful to see, especially as close friend.

One of my FIRST photoshoots was for Tori's senior pictures! Ahh! If you scroll down you'll get to see some of them! I've included them-even though they were pretty bad-just because. Thanks for trusting me at the very beginning and then trusting me now. It means the world. I can't wait for April 2020!!!


Here are some of Tori's senior photos! I can't even believe it's been that long ago. (Thank the Lord for improvement!!!)

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